Relocating to the Junction 21 Enterprise Area

North Somerset Council place economic growth at J21EA as a high priority. Locating into J21EA guarantees you confidential and impartial support ensuring your arrival is as smooth as possible. Immediately you will receive:

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Junction 21 Enterprise Area

Personalised service with single point of contact within a pro-business local administration

Facilitating easy access to all aspects of North Somerset Council services and partner organisations including: developers, agents, skills and training providers and soft landing packages.

Junction 21 Enterprise Area

Assistance to identify tailored incentives developed locally on a case-by-case basis

North Somerset Council has a track record of successfully identifying and securing appropriate funding to securing local commercial growth and creation of additional jobs.

Junction 21 Enterprise Area

Identification of trusted partners

Identification of trusted partners for you to work with making the move as trouble-free as possible, whether it’s legal, tax, accountancy, recruitment and skills advice.

Junction 21 Enterprise Area

Ongoing support

Ongoing support once your business is in place or investment is secured.

Junction 21 Enterprise Area

A skilled workforce

The North Somerset economy is built upon the strengths and skills of our people. We can quickly help you find a wealth of enthusiastic, skilled white and blue collar staff from colleges, local universities and local recruiters.

Junction 21 Enterprise Area

Customers on your doorstep

J21EA’s superfast broadband and excellent transport connectively, both internationally and across Southern England and the Midlands provides an unrivalled location for locating your business or placing investment south of Bristol.

Junction 21 Enterprise Area

Quality of life

North Somerset can add something to the quality of life for your staff too. You’ll find over twenty miles of coast and an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty right on your doorstep.

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Available Opportunities

Locking Parklands - Weston Super Mare

Locking Parklands

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Weston Gateway Business Park - Weston Super Mare

Weston Gateway Business Park

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Westland Distribution Park - Weston Super Mare

Westland Distribution Park

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Weston Business Quarter - Weston Super Mare

Weston Business Quarter

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South West Food Innovation Centre - Weston Super Mare

Foodworks South West

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Junction 21 Enterprise Area is part of the Bristol and Bath City Region. It is located on the M5 corridor just south of Bristol...

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M5 Rail A370 A371 Weston Milton Worle Weston-s-Mare Locking Parklands Weston Gateway Business Park Westland Distribution Park Weston Business Quarter Foodworks South West
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